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Not only is Justin the eldest son of a leader known equally for brains and sex appeal (Pierre Trudeau’s former girlfriend Barbra Streisand called him a blend of “Marlon Brando and Napoleon”).

Not only was he born on Christmas Day (talk about your omens).

He’s equally happy chatting about his childhood, quoting a funny bit about Stephen Harper from John Oliver’s HBO show, or talking fondly of Canadians’ lovable image as “reasonable, polite people who say ‘Sorry’ when .”Grégoire-Trudeau tells me that what first struck her about her husband was that “he had a really deep gaze.” And it’s true.

Looking directly into your eyes, he does what Bill Clinton is famously able to: makes you feel that you’re the only person in the world and there’s nothing he’d rather do than talk to you. Of course, given his background, it might seem almost inevitable that Trudeau should wind up here.

He instantly tweeted his horror—“I am shocked and saddened that so many people have been killed and injured in violent attacks in #Paris.