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The composed past is used more or less as in English in European Spanish, which means that it not only tells about an action in the past, but also signals a state or situation of importance caused by the action.

In Latin American Spanish the composed past is little used.

-------------------------------------------- Is the sentence "I don't have no pen." correct? The formally correct version are: “I don’t have a pen”, or “I do not have a pen.” or “I have no pen.” In certain dialectial speech the sentence with two negation words, is accepted, however.

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It looks like the conspirators within teh government knew about the plans of Al Qaida far in advance due to the constant surveillance they perform, and decided to make the incident as disasterous and spectacular as possible for own purposes.

It is also possible that some kind of termite loadings were installed in the buildings already when they were built, so that they could easily be taken down at some time, and that they activated and use the preinstallad loadings.

Therefore I think the monthly avarage salary in Norway after taxation, corrected for living costs is equivalent to only around 2000 USD,.

Also be aware that the avarage salary shown here is an avarage across all salaries from the lowest to the highest.

But if you have made several trips, and you will shortly point out that this particular one was the first one, I dould have said: “That was my first trip to Bangkok”.