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Our education system today rcoogniies that diildren are not bom at age 6. The importance of developmentally appropriate practices in the education of young children is taken for granted everywhere and elementary schools are training teachers to establish developmentally appropriate practices in the lower grades.An Indisridualized, integrated curriculum is deemed critical to the child's school success.

This leads directly to my third suggestion about ways today's Head Start debate should be framed— the quality issue. With your help, we can fix what needs fixing ourselves, and we welcome the opportuni Ly to do so.

Head Start quality is neither easily defined nor easily investigated. Head Start is about fostering hope, growth, self-suniciency and social competence in children and their families. Not by drafting iron-clad regulations about how to keep good social service records, not by rewriting Head Start Performance Stand- ards.

Head Start has tremendous resources to bring to bear.

My program works with 9 school districts, 7 colleges and universities, 2 county de- fartment B of public health, 3 community centers, 5 churches, 2 housing authorities, ibraries, the job service 1 community action programs and many more. ^^"/' ^^^V' ^ *^ thinking that it is axio- mauc that mfants need a tremendoxia amount of care Even a oer- Tnl\l\^^ popped off from wme other planet h^wo S w^und J^fi!??? And in fact, we cherish it, 7\t^A^^^7^^ we are bennmng to anpreciate it more with *i & of thingg Wee family and medifcal leave, child care, t^t^a ^°rf--the importance of having as much involvement ok parents with a newly arrived child.

We know how to write annual plans and the importance of goals, objec- tives, strategies, and timetables; how to reinvent ourselves every year to be better that stai T must be included in the decision-making process and that staff develop- ment is critical. Head Start has demonstrated the effectiveness and validity of a longer list of "shoulds" than this one.