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That hustling has made him the target of derision among certain circles for peddling what have ended up being more novelty or faddish than useful products, but it has also placed more than a comfortable roof in Arlington Heights, Illinois over his and his wife Ethel's heads. Or are you not selling enough milkshakes because you don't have a multimixer? See more » Based on the true story of Ray Kroc, a traveling salesman who franchised the first family-owned Mc Donald's restaurant and turned it into the international conglomerate that it is today, ' The Founder' tells a fascinating slice of twentieth century history.

Ethel, however, wishes that he placed as much effort into being at home with her than he is in selling, his current job of peddling five-spindle milkshake makers for Prince Castle which has him constantly on the road going from one drive-in restaurant to another. Are you familiar with the notion of the chicken or the egg Mr. The title is well chosen, hinting at the dynamic at the heart of the film with Kroc declaring himself the "founder" of Mc Donald's when in fact the idea of fast and efficient food service was never his to begin with - something that becomes a point of contention with the original owners.

Maybe that’s just what happens with a Michael Keaton vehicle at this point.

But the film has other awards season-friendly attributes.

A five-year-old Indian boy gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, thousands of kilometers from home.