Updating mobile web browser

As we reported in our review, the Pre's Web browser is excellent.

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Navigation is a bit sluggish due to the emphasis on accurate page rendering through Skyfire's server-side compression algorithms, rather than pure speed (as per Opera Mini).

But Windows Mobile fans struggling with IE Mobile should head straight for Skyfire Labs—and it also works on Symbian-powered Nokia E-series and N-series smartphones as well.

In most cases, they already come with Opera Mobile, which is a powerful browser.

But you can also install Skyfire 1.0 and get a full AJAX- and Flash-powered experience—or switch between the two browsers, depending on which one works better with a given site.

HTC Touch Pro (Sprint) $199.99 (with two-year contract and after mail-in rebate) $579.99 (no-contract price) If you don't need the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, the HTC Touch Diamond is another option (though, unlike the Touch Pro and Fuze, the Touch Diamond is available only on Verizon and Sprint, not AT&T).