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Different altitudes produce scatter, but on the whole the points line up fairly well.

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To say that plants produce oxygen for the purpose of supplying animals would imply design, and therefore God.

Physicists, chemists and geologists are very familiar with this reasoning, and yet with a high frequency they assented to statements that placed things within an ordered framework and were implicitly teleological.

I recorded induction air temperature at 20, 25 and 30 in. I had intended to finish the series at 16,000 feet, but it became apparent that the temperatures were getting quite high and I did not want to venture past 200 deg. The astute viewer will wonder why the temperature rise is so large even at low manifold pressure and low altitude, where no compression at all should be taking place.

The reason is the peculiar design of the Piper "fixed wastegate" system that I have modified to incorporate a manually adjustable wastegate.

Rather God is , that is, the subsistent act of being itself.