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Priscilla was 'really terrific and nice, but this guy Elvis doesn't stop controlling her, didn't want her going with anybody because they had Lisa Marie, and Elvis was very involved in that,' explains Kraines.'Robert was very bothered by all of that.

So one thing led to another and I guess Robert just felt that he couldn't take the pressure that Elvis was putting on Priscilla and he basically broke it off.' Who ended the relationship is up for debate, but once the two split Robert flew to New York to take his future wife back, bringing along his friend OJ Simpson.

Kris went from training in Dallas to New York, where she found a small two bedroom with a few other flight attendants, but she was not there for long and soon enough back in Beverly Hills on Robert's arm.

Robert's friends say that was due to Elvis' refusal to let Priscilla go despite her new relationship.

She goes on to say that Kris 'talked nonstop' about Robert as well during their training.'She told me he was very funny, very charming, very classy, just rock solid, but she never mentioned his looks, never mentioned that he was handsome, or sexy,' says Spallino.