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You couldn’t shake off that feeling that his friends didn’t care to get to know you. They acted indifferent towards you and didn’t ask you any questions.It’s not that they’re bad guys, but they’re probably used to meeting many woman their buddy brings around.It’s time to move on from this guy who can’t commit. That’s fine and dandy, but if that’s all that’s happening in your relationship, then he’s definitely using you for sex. They say that good news travels fast, but it seems like bad news travels even faster.

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If he goes to family events and never brings you along, then he’s keeping you secret.

Most men will tell their family about the new woman they’re seeing, especially if the relationship is serious.

Why take time to get to know someone who is going to be gone very soon?

In a typical mature relationship, well, it’s a given that you have to plan things out.

If you haven’t gotten an invitation and it’s been several months of dating, it’s because he doesn’t want his family to know anything about you.