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I immediately pay with EFT, but due to the fact that I try with my credit card first the price changes. Booked in my car last week for over heating and few months ago for drive train, yesterday when I was driving to work the car gave me the same warning signs that they were showing when the car was booked in before.

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Today I decided to take two busses to game to ask the assistant to re register the simcard but another agent advised the lady who assisted is not in today and she... I must say I have been a good customer to pick and pay in daveyton mall for a long time. I went there to buy my sons stationery I needed help and I went to the manangers kiosk it took a minute for me to get their attention as they were busy gossiping and laughing.

When they finally sent someone to help me she came with a bad attitude .

I want immediate reversal of that upgrade which was done without my consent. I noticed this morning that my Vodacom bill contains an item Vodaphone live for R110.10.

I went back an it seems that this item has been added to my account since October 2017 and the amount varies between R105 up to R131.

She then very rudely told me they can only exchange my item and not return it because their policy is cash returns within 7... Like most people we took vacation & advised the store!!

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    If you are interested in having a man completely obsessed with you and Although things probably aren’t as bad as all that, when a guy tells his girlfriend that he wants to take a break in a relationship, it usually isn’t because things are going swimmingly. When he tells you he’s taking a break in a relationship, he’s in the stage where he feels as if he needs some time to figure out if you are really the one.