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I think for me the greatest message of Buffy was all about female empowerment, and not just female, but empowerment in general.High school is the scariest part of people's lives, and I loved that we used the monsters of Buffy as a metaphor for the monsters of life. That we are all capable of taking care of ourselves.I don't think this is true some times websites lie or they are confussed.

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Thank you for the information on Sarah Michelle Gellar & James Marsters history as a couple. James Marsters said in an interview that kissing SMG was 'really weird. Surely he wouldn't say that if he'd dated her before. x Tinkx - Maybe they were short together and broke up because wanted to be only friends. but it is weird because i watched an interview just today where ASH and JM were talking and hes like "once you kiss sarah everything changes. is simply NOT TRUE..David and James are married and they were married when Buffy started, David lived next door to me when I lived in LA and I have talked with him many times and I have seen his wife.

WOW, thats like wow, I thought she only dated David Boreanaz in the beginning of series.

But i guess I was wrong she dated James Marsters for couple of months in 1997.

They were couple in 1998-1999have many privat pictures together.