Questions to ask when dating long distance

After I figured it out from looking at phone records and text messages she … We been making love without a condom for soooooooo long and now all of a sudden she … My self and brother in law got drunk and I was dropped off at home. Pregnant girlfriend caught cheating - "I caught them kissing..." I have been with my fiancee for 5 years,she is 12 weeks pregnant (which she plans to terminate) and in the last few months a "new friend" appears on the …

Just overworried or do I have a reason to be suspicious?

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It’s enough time for an initial phone screen, certainly, but not an in-person meeting with the hiring manager.

Let’s say five minutes is taken up by getting-to-know-you pleasantries and 10 minutes is taken up by the candidate’s own questions at the end (and that’s not enough, but we’ll use it for the sake of example). In-person interviews should usually be an absolute minimum of 45 minutes and ideally 60 minutes or more, to ensure that you can truly talk in-depth and that the candidate has time to ask their own questions.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the old “this interview is a train wreck, so I’m going to use the excuse of another meeting to end it now” trick.

Nor are these HR screens where they just need to check salary requirements and available start dates.

They usually don’t take that long, but I want to give myself flexibility in case I really hit it off with the person and want to keep talking to them (or if we encounter any delays).