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Family violence is a broader term that refers to violence between family members, as well as violence between intimate partners.This summary paper focuses on the issue of domestic violence.

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In contrast, some research has found the rates of violence perpetrated by men and women against their partners to be of similar size (Headey, Scott & de Vaus 1999).

That domestic violence is committed equally by males and females is a view shared by some sections of the community, particularly males.

Domestic violence incurs significant social, emotional and economic costs to victims, their families and the broader community (Laing & Bobic 2002).

Findings from victimisation surveys suggest that women are more likely than men to become victims of domestic violence, but that domestic violence can occur in a range of different relationship types, circumstances and settings.

Domestic violence occurs in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships and includes married, de facto and separated adolescents and adults (Flood & Fergus 2008).