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Ancient artefacts have been all round Khao Sok, including Kapoe to the West and Phunpin to the East, where archaeological digs have revealed giant Bhodhisattava statues, ceramic Buddha amulets, and silver Arab coins dating to 767AD.The first accounts of people living in Khao Sok date back to the reign of King Rama II, when the Burmese attacked south western coastal towns and many local people fled into the jungle for safety.There is also biological evidence, for example, the bamboo species Gigantochloa balui is normally only found in cultivated areas of Borneo – never truly wild, yet this species has been discovered growing wild on the Thai peninsula.

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Had it not been for this seven year occupation, Khao Sok’s forests may well have gone the same way as much of the rest of Thailand’s wilderness – up in smoke. Also during this period there was considerable interest from the government and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), since research had shown Khao Sok to be the largest watershed in southern Thailand.

EGAT established the Rajaprabha Dam – creating a 165 square kilometre lake inside the National Park – to guarantee a source of electricity to the south, which by now had become a major holiday destination.

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One of the oldest and most beautifully situated is Our Jungle House.

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