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Krzysztof Tyszkiewicz, Spokesman of the Parliamentary Club of the Civic Platform party (PO) declared that PO would support proposed by the SLD Bill on registered partnership agreement, but only after the parliamentary elections in October 2011.

However, after receiving the petition in favor of the registered partnership agreement bill, signed with 23,500 people, Speaker Schetyna declared that is likely to submit the bill to the first reading into the Parliament after 10 July 2011 (parliamentary session on 26–29 July). In its comments, the Court undermines the legitimacy of further work on this bill, because of the numerous legal deficiencies.

The status of "the closest person" gives the right of refusal to testify against the partner.

After the parliamentary elections held on 9 October 2011, Janusz Palikot, the leader of the Palikot's Movement (RP) has declared that a draft law on civil partnerships will be one of the first draft laws submitted to the parliament.

Leszek Miller, head of the Parliamentary Club of the SLD, announces the re-assembly of the parliament a draft law on registered partnership agreement, the same one who did not manage to adopt the previous parliament.

691 § 1 of the Civil Code - is a person connected with the tenant by bond of emotional, physical and economic nature. In 2004, under the left-wing government the Senate approved a bill allowing gay and lesbian people to register their relationships as civil unions.

Parties to a civil union under the bill would have been given a great range of benefits, protections and responsibilities (e.g.

The Court interpreted the law in a way that recognised the surviving partner as authorised to take over the right to tenancy.