Outlook is not updating

And, I'd never know about them unless I log into webmail.

outlook is not updating-72

Please also provide remote desktop details for the server so the tech can login and examine the Mail Enable configuration and permission settings. That's it.(It takes shutting down Outlook and reopening, to fetch the missed emails)Gregim experience this same problem using MAPI 1.36 (x64), outlook2010Additional Information: Most of the time, after you login to webmail or mobile phone to read the mail, then only the connector will able to pickup the mail and download it.scngan, Some of us are waiting around for the next release of Enterprise Premium-- 5.12.

It is supposed to have various fixes for MAPI (including issues with downloading new emails).

Now if I log in using webmail, I can see all of the emails Outlook and the Connector didn't download.

These new emails can sit for hours as well (and seemingly up to 24 hours).

Please give us an update and tell us that this is a known issue you are working on. The recent ME 5.5 update, and the Outlook MAPI Connector 1.38 update still did not fix this issue. You have to change this afterwards in the webmail or outlook client.