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He was born in Houston, and came to Vegas hoping to strike it rich.When that didn’t happen, he defected cross-country to Brooklyn, determined to make it as a full-time artist.

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I’d probably have more time to paint than I do now,” he says.

He’d also have access to computers to list his paintings on e Bay, and could hand off his finished works to visitors, who would complete the transaction with the third-party sellers on his behalf.

Robert is also on Facebook, which he refers to as his “international phone book.” “I’ve traveled the world and it’s the way I keep in touch with people,” he says.

In fact, he has been arrested in four countries (the United States, Canada, Australia and Mexico) for growing and selling marijuana and has outstanding warrants in several different states.

“You know, there are a lot challenges that come with sleeping in a room full of strangers,” he says.