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Today it has become one of the number one business, news, entertainment and sports chat radio channels on the island. The station puts out an online live stream across their nationwide application.

There are recorded stories as well as a full live stream that takes place for Apple and Google devices.

Find unique things to do in Kingston Jamaica on your next vacation.

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This website offers the following flights as retail agency for AERTi CKET S. Copa Airlines flies 4 times a week with take off from Norman Manley International Airport of Kingston (KIN), flying first to Panama City.

After a plane change, Copa will carry their passengers to José Martí International Airport of Havana (HAV).

Know more Kingston, capital of Jamaica is the largest English speaking city in the Caribbean.

Nestled between the world famous Blue Mountains and the worlds’ seventh largest natural harbour, this metropolis offers the perfect balance of attractions appealing to arts, culture and culinary enthusiasts.

Our traditional dance music forms, Jonkonnu, Bruckins, Dinki Mini, Quadrille and Mento, celebrate our special holidays and events.