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Form W-9 is used when a business needs to have your name, address and taxpayer identification number so the business can issue a tax document to you and to the IRS.A person/company who conducts business with you relies on the W-9 form as a source for your personal information, the most important of which is the taxpayer Identification Number are doing business with uses the W-9 to collect some of your personal information, the most important of which is your taxpayer identification number (TIN).

If you think you're an employee and cannot reach a consensus after talking with your employer, you can ask the IRS to make a determination of your work status.

Of course, your employer might not appreciate this, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The company then uses the information you provide on the form to prepare ​Form 1099-MISC, reporting to the Internal Revenue Service the amount of income it paid to you or your company.

You might also be asked by your bank or other financial institutions to complete Form W-9 so they can prepare various types of 1099 forms to report interest, dividends and other types of income you earned to the IRS.

Don't complete it and submit it if you have misgivings, at least not without consulting with a tax professional first. On the other hand, employers sometimes run into financial difficulties and can no longer afford to pay their half of payroll taxes.