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Fine and fair enough, However, i have also twigged on and have my suspisions about why else he has it and i think my friend has set it up for him to nosey at peoples profiles as all his friends seems to be people she doesnt like or get on with!

I dont agree with any child having online accounts on networking sites but each to their own and im going to keep my children away from it as long as possible!

The best thing might just be to refuse/ignore them and hopefully they will get the hint. My friend's 10 yr old sent me a friend request, I don't even really know him , just his mum!

I have ignored it, there is no way I would add a child of this age.

Mine is almost 9 and very computer literate (as happens when both parents are IT consultants ) I am South African and therefore we now have family scattered all over the world which is the only reason I use facebook.