Jon voight dating

The son of a Czechoslovakian-American golf pro, Jon Voight discovered his love for acting as a teenager.

Following a stint on Broadway, he appeared in his first film, that earned him an Oscar nomination and launched his career into the big time.

Liev Schrieber plays his son, the title character, who works with celebrities to make their problems go away by any means necessary.

"We don't really talk politics well," she says.

Jane Pitt has an ally in her future daughter-in-law's father, Jon Voight.

As such, four Atlanta city slickers - alpha male Lewis Medlock, generally even-keeled Ed Gentry, slightly condescending Bobby Trippe, and wide-eyed Drew Ballinger - decide to take a multi-day canoe trip on the river, with only Lewis and Ed having experience in outdoor life.

They know going in that the area is ethno-culturally homogeneous and isolated, but don't understand the full extent of such until they arrive and see what they believe is the result of generations of inbreeding.

One of the few outspoken Republicans in Hollywood, Voight supported Donald Trump in the 2016 U.