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She develops a crush on Jay, but in each conversation Jay takes issue with some entirely innocuous comment Claire has made and storms off in disgust. One night as Claire prepares to join him at the annual office Christmas party, she finds her mother slumped over—dead—in a bowl of mashed potato.

In shock, she simply picks up her coat and leaves for the party.

In an interview with Cinema Without Border's Bijan Tehrani, Cecilia Miniucchi describes the event in Santa Monica that inspired the story for Expired: I was walking by and witnessed a rather disturbing incident between a rough and impolite man and a gentle parking officer, a woman that was more scared than anything else.

Then later, I was victim myself of one of those unwanted and unnecessary tickets, given to me by an angry parking officer, a man that was totally abusing his small authority.

To celebrate she goes to Jay's apartment but swiftly realizes that he was visited by a prostitute immediately before her arrival. When it is over, Jay expresses that he has burgeoning feelings of commitment to Claire, but she asks him to leave.