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The traditional way of interpreting charts is to focus on character delineations and fated events, treating both as relatively fixed outcomes.

Conversely, a psychological approach views the horoscope as an evolving story that reflects a process of growth over time.

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Knowledge: Dive into the depths of "Understanding Astrology" Forum: Visit the great Astrodienst Discussion Forum The title of this article is both rather intense as well as containing a powerful pair of synonyms.

There he was subjected to batteries of tests and experiments by the orphanage's owner, Mr. Sinister intervened any time anyone came close to adopting Scott.

As a teenager, Scott began to suffer from severe headaches and he was sent to a specialist (again Sinister in disguise), who provided him with lenses made of ruby-quartz.

Scott suffered a head injury on landing that damaged the part of Scott's brain that would have enabled him to control his optic blasts. He believed that Scott was the Summers brother with the most potential, so he had Alex adopted to separate them and render Scott emotionally vulnerable, something he became.