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I'm married to a 33 yr old, handsome, hard working husband who spends way too much time at work.We were married for a little over 2 yrs and everything was going great.

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"We have been tenants here for the past 2 years and have never missed a payment, but Dave just got laid off, and is currently looking for a job.

We've paid all our bills for this month, but we don't have enough to pay the rent and eat.

We had not started a savings account, but although we weren't rich, and we had many bills money wasn't a problem.

Although I wouldn't have minded working, Dave said he could take care of everything and I should just worry about keeping my sexy body fit and tanned.

Do you think we could skip this months payment and pay it back later? "I see you looking at me all the time." I took a deep breath and looked around nervously, summoning up my courage. I wouldn't ask or offer this lightly, but what if I take off my top for you? "Then we would skip one payment, which we would still pay later when we're able, and you could see my tits?