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These six signs are all good indicators that he’s interested. Donald Trump appears to have a pattern of trying to charm young girls with a line about dating him.

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In footage from the archives of CBS-owned “Entertainment Tonight," Trump asks the child if she is planning to ride the escalator at Trump Tower.

After she says yes, Trump turns to cameras taping a Christmas special for the show and says, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. ”In both instances, the line appears to be somewhat in jest, though the girls' ages and recent accusations of sex assault against Trump call that into question.

“It showed that he cared that I landed safely and that he wanted to talk even though we weren’t at school together.” If a guy goes above and beyond over text, he’ll probably do the same in a relationship.

When a guy likes a girl, he’s going to want to impress her.

Texts that allow him to show off a little could mean he wants to get your attention.