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Please contact me either by email at [email protected] better yet, here is my direct phone number: 305-814-7733 and if I messed something up, I'll make it right.

Live in the either the United States, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia e Harmony did not start out as my favorite dating site.

The last email where you say your "playfulness" backfired is the best email she sent you.

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We met down at Town Square at Millers Alehouse, seemed to hit it off okay until she showed me some white powder she had in a ziploc bag in her purse.

They were in first place until their 2 game losing streak pushed them out of playoff contention. To answer your question, yes I met someone off of here last November.

I wanted to cancel everything, but the rep stopped to reply. Thanks for taking the time to share the issues you had.

I want to stop any further charges and all this scam. It seems you may have the business name mistaken because I do not accept any sort of payment for a free kit.

I just checked and I do not have any customers by the name of Japloc and never received any emails from anyone that was having a problem with anything.