Dave salmoni dating

Credentialed research biologists criticized Dave Salmoni accusing him using of using wild lions for producing his theatrics.

However, Dave claimed it to be wrong and said that he is not using wildlife for entertainment.

He currently hosts and produces the Discovery Channel show Rogue Nature, on Animal Planet.

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Dave salmoni dating

So I've decided to consult for other networks.""Up until a couple weeks ago, I was working very intimately with the Animal Planet, but unfortunately, that contract was terminated," she continued.

"However, I enjoyed being in bed with them and may hook up for an occasional project."When asked about Handler's current romantic status, her rep told Us Magazine.com, "She saves all commentary about her personal life for her own show."Handler, who ended her relationship with Comcast CEO Ted Harbert earlier this year, confirmed that she was dating Salmoni, 34, during a July 21 appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.""He's really cute," she said.

(2006), Shark Tribe (2007), Rogue Nature (2007), After the Attack (2008), Into the Pride (2009), Savaged with Dave Salmoni (2010), Expedition Impossible (2011), Great Animal Escapes (2011), Deadly Islands (2014), Brothers in Blood: The Lions of Sabi Sand (2015), Pet Nation Renovation (2016-2017) and Game of Homes (2016).

Dave Salmoni is a Canadian entertainer, animal trainer, television producer, and entertainer.

network for over three years now, and in addition to hosting this chucklefest of a show, I've given many suggestions on how to improve the quality of their entire network," the talk show host, 35, said.