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FIRST ATTRACTION: When he returned, he was shirtless, wearing baggies and flip-flops and carrying extra, worn towels.

We didn’t know this young man or his family at all. He glanced up to her and apologized for his pet’s enthusiasm. I dogs.” She leaned to pet its head and added, “My husband’s working out of town this weekend.

Thought I’d clean the car and hose down our back patio.” “I could help,” he said.

She would later tell me that it made her “stomach hurt.” Her groin pulsed.

She had set a rule, shortly after having dated a coworker, that she would never date another coworker or a neighbor.

FIRST ACQUAINTANCE: I travel during the week for my work and typically am home Fridays through Sundays.

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    Funny how he goes from star athlete to 4-F as soon as his student deferments run out. And obviously he failed the physical after being called up. However in 1968 LBJ decided to take a look at guys in my classification and called us up for a physical which I failed.

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    Reading research clearly shows that emerging readers will improve their fluency (speed) if they read books that contain controlled text.