Dating eye contact

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“I was sitting at the bar when he walked into the room and looked at me.

I met his eye contact and smiled.” My friend was asking how I had managed to attract the attention of a particular gentleman, and so I obliged her with a blow-by-blow of our meet cute.

And you can create that trust with powerful eye contact.

Very easy: look in the mirror, stare at your eyes, practice on a friend — make eye contact with everyone you meet!

In fact, men counsel other men on receiving eye contact.

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    "I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12," is the great closing line of creators the Duffer Brothers no doubt had in mind while writing the show.

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    Whether you’re the leader of the dream team at your church, or just a volunteer, you can use Flocknote to send emails and text messages to the members of your specific ministries. The conversations which are created in the response threads are incredibly helpful too.

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