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The intricate elements surrounding history’s most talked about figure, which have been retold again and again in churches, within families and by popular media, are generally well-known by the faithful around the world.But did you know that there are some minor misconceptions — some traditional details that are not in the Bible, but that have been added into the story as time has progressed?

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God the Eternal Father is literally the father of Jesus Christ." Box Elder Stake Conference, 1914-DEC-20, as quoted in Brigham City Box Elder News, 1915-JAN-28, Page 1 & 2.

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints proclaims that Jesus Christ is the Son of God in the most literal sense.

pg=all[2] Well you say, there must have been some later revelation by a Prophet and Seer that confirms that the 6th really was the date. The problematic april 6th date had been neatly solved for decades, and in a few seconds bednar again tears open the problem.

I know that the general membership does not really care about this, but among the LDS historians and thinkers, this was a huge punch to the gut.

In modern LDS history, both the clergy and the academics of the the church have pushed away from the 6th date as impossible (BYU Studies[3] ).