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Our primary goal is for our singles to become couples—to facilitate the tremendous amount of success our members experience, we do many things differently.

Yes, our members usually connect on a deeper, “soul-to-soul” level and tend to understand that chemistry comes in all shapes and sizes.

Working as a director for the granddaddy of the original onsite photo/video dating companies, which included interviewing 6,000-plus singles, sparked a desire to create a venue for spiritually conscious singles to meet.

So, 15 years ago, she created her flagship online dating site, Spiritual

When you notice a strong inner nudge to contact someone, do it.

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    No longer do you need to throw money out the window to watch some girl trying to lure you into a private chat so she can suck more time and money out of you.

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    You never have to give any personal information, credit card, or any fees.