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Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Tony’s dating wisdom is so poignant, it even inspired the 1998 song “Money, Power, Respect” by The Lox.Inspired by the success of Todd Haynes’ “Poison” and frustrated by lesbian films that looked nothing like their actual lesbian lives, Rose Troche and Guinevere Turner decided to take matters into their own hands by shooting a tiny little indie called “Go Fish” in 1994.Their jokes are so dry and lame that it makes me wonder how they got their own show.

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Violet soon learns Corky is great with all kinds of plumbing, and they begin a secret love affair.

Desperate to run off together, they hatch a plan to steal millions from Caesar’s bosses and pin the blame on him.

as life changing, but that’s because you’re focusing on all the wrong things.

Tucked in between the drugs, violence, and more drugs and violence, are little pearls of profanity-laced wisdom.

Of course, putting a bunch of gay kids in a house together is bound to create some sexual tension, and Megan‘s gay little heart stands no chance against the dark and brooding Graham (Clea Duvall).