Candy dating game high school and dating

Just like hair color, there are 12 different eye colors you can choose for your Candy.

The colors that are available are brown, green, yellow, pink, blue, red, gray, light blue, black, pink and yellow, green and blue, and purple.

This includes eyes with eye-shadow in 10 different colors, 6 different shades of blush, and lipstick in 12 different colors.

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This does not include wigs that can be obtained through Special Episodes and events.

Even if your Candy wears a wig, the hairstyle under it is what will appear in date photos.

Her hair colors and eye colors were slightly changed to match the updated base.

She now has new mouths, eye expressions, eyebrows and accessories.

There are 12 hair colors to choose from, which consist of (in order from left to right) brown, green, blond, pink, blue, red, ash, black, light blue, orange, purple and white.