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Unlike his relatives, he is noted to have an amiable personality and is often at odds with his eldest son."There is no real need to have a reason to do things. "The main antagonist of the series, a man living under many identities.The bastard son of Tsuneyoshi Washuu, he was originally a child raised in the Sunlit Garden alongside Rize Kamishiro and trained to serve as an agent of V.After the Auction, he finds himself given a rather abrupt transfer back to Arima's squad.

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The legendary "God of Death", a Special Class Investigator with a reputation for being impossible to defeat in battle.

He began his career as a teenager and has many great accomplishments to his name, leading people to either worship or envy him for his strength.

He is a mysterious individual, with even his closest associates admitting that they don't understand him.

His relationship with Sasaki is strained by his secretive manner and harsh teaching methods, though he shows a softer side on rare occasions., Ui was promoted to a Special Class Investigator, joined the S3 Squad.

In the sequel, he has become the second-in-command of the Suzuya Squad and handles a good percentage of the formal duties such as leading meetings and covering for his eccentric boss.