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Thanks to a cute and likable protagonist and lighthearted and humorous storyline, Square Pegs became a big hit, sending Roger Kwok on a final upturn in his decade-long roller coaster career.He won his first Best Actor award and Best Screen Couple with "wife" Jessica Hsuan at the TVB Anniversary Awards.Despite TVB's great efforts, neither ratings nor reviews for At The Threshold of an Era were as good as expected.

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The series actually fared better as a rerun in 2005, reaching a new ratings high in the late-night time slot.

TVB's grand era-spanning drama may have flopped, but in the same year the low-budget sitcom War of the Genders broke records by hitting 49% viewership rating.

Since 2002 was also TVB's 35th anniversary year, the studio spared no efforts to gather a high-caliber ensemble cast with three generations worth of stars for the grand anniversary drama Golden Faith.

TVB's top two, Gallen Lo and Jessica Hsuan, team up again alongside 1990s comeback star Deric Wan and Miss Hong Kong Anne Heung for a complicated romance of myriad twists and tangles.

Their "kiss of the century" for the series' finale also became a hot topic in Hong Kong.