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The enormous breasts of six-foot-plus women only add to the illusion.

I sat near the stage and quickly moved to the floor, keeping the camera low to accentuate the contestants’ heights rather than girth, ignoring the fact that my black-denim rear was on view for the crowd.

The message is, "There are other things besides my shape that I want you to register, such as the fact that I am not a he-man, and you need to re-categorize me pronto." But height does have its bonuses. All of these women weigh at least seventy-five pounds less than I do.

But it’s nice that short acquaintances of mine think that hypothetical others think I’m sexy. " Thus the allure of hanging out with tall people in a hotel at their weeklong social convention for uncharacteristically tall people.

Photographing normal-weight tall people is tricky, because on film they generally appear fat rather than tall.