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It’s a shame I can barely see them behind your bangs.”) The Eaton Centre, obviously displeased with the fact that some of its female shoppers were being subjected to this bizarre breed of socially awkward male interference, issued a statement on Twitter alerting customers about the PUA presence on its premises.

“Rest assured security is briefed and your health and safety are our top priority,” mall staff tweeted before Christmas last year.

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Artist internet dating

Their techniques range from corny (showering women with compliments) to cruel: “Negging,” a PUA technique popularized by American pickup artist and journalist Neil Strauss in his 2005 book, , consists of showering women with low-grade insults.

According to Urban Dictionary, “negs” are “meant to undermine the self-confidence of a woman so she might be more vulnerable to your advances.” (An example, used frequently by my own grandmother: “Wow, you have beautiful eyes.

(I did a similar, soul-crushing job in college.) I waited for his pitch about poverty, child soldiers or land mines, but it never came.

Instead, he told me how “cool” my glasses were and asked me if I had a boyfriend.

The women involved look mostly confused.) There is no doubt that some of Blanc’s behaviour, unlike the merely corny techniques employed by my own pickup artist—constitutes sexual harassment.