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There were misleading announcements of new capital spending which are just moving land from one part of government to another.” “Most schools’ operational grants will be worse off in real terms, with the increase in their operations grants less than the rising costs Treasury forecasts.” “This Budget could have done so much.This should have been the Budget that restored the value of Working for Families, took our health system off life support, rebuilt and refurbished our state housing and ensured first home buyers could find affordable homes, allocated funding to settle significant equal pay claims, plugged the gaps in education funding, addressed poverty, showed ambition in research and development funding, restarted contributions to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund and much more,” Wagstaff said.So for those working people on the legal minimum of five days they are either needing to take unpaid leave or annual leave.” “An increase to ten days would also bring New Zealand up to the same level as our Australian neighbours.” “It’s great to see the Green’s commitment to making life better for working New Zealanders in these tangible and specific ways,” Huggard said.

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“Just three weeks ago Treasury forecast in the Budget that GDP would increase by 1.1 percent in the three months to March, not the 0.5 percent that GDP that actually happened. Where is the strategy from Government to ensure better wage increases? “These figures show that the economy isn’t working as it should.

Even worse, GDP is falling after accounting for our growing population. None of this is good for working people and their future wages and incomes.” “The Government should stop trying to plug the income gaps by tax reductions which rob us of quality public services like health, housing and education that working people need.

Suggested Resource Links: Check these out link) https://nz/culture/maori-language-week/365-maori-words Economy not meeting the needs of working people – where is the Governments strategy?

15th June 2017 Figures out today from Statistics New Zealand showing our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are proof that the economy is not working as it needs to nor is it performing as Treasury had predicted. The CTU estimates that productivity (GDP per hour worked) fell 1.3 percent in the last year compared to the year before.

It has been 42 years since the initiation of this week.